Japanese days - Getting ready for Kyoto

16/11/2007 Friday
Gradually getting some kind of rhythm into our stay here and settling into the rhythm of life in Tokyo.
Already visited the National Museum of Japan in Ueno Park. Excellent  exhibition of art from the Tokugawa period - special exhibition. The whole place was packed with long queues to get in. Splendid exhibits from this period. Yesterday we met with Paul Cunningham at the Dubliners Pub in Ikibukara and had a meal together. Not very Japanese but good company. We met Paul on my first visit to Japan. We were travelling to Ogasawara, the island 1000 kiliomtres south of Tokyo out into the Pacific. I was making a film about Burliuk and we got to know him on the island itself. Before that walked around the Imperial Palace Garden complex in stunning  autumn sunlit weather. Incredible garden laid out in between the fortifications and moats which make up the perimeter of the Palace. Finding our way around the metro much easier now. Today met with Madam Fujimoto who took us to a shop where they sell dry floral material and then went for a meal at a small traditional Japanese restaurant nearby. Natasha and Fujimoto san had the fish dishes and I as usual stuck to the meat dishes. Very tasty all the same. Changed money at Tokyo station and then went to pay the rent at Koyibashi. Came back home and called into the Royal Park hotel for coffee and cakes in the lobby cafe. The Royal park is directly opposite our apartment, again less than 20 seconds from our front door. I have a feeling we will be going there a great deal. Very relaxing and we stayed about an hour.
We've got our tickets to Kyoto for tomorrow. Getting everything ready this evening.


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