Japanese days - In Kyoto

20/11/2007 Monday,
Arrived in Kyoto  on Saturday in the afternoon by train. Saw mount Fuji in the distance from the train window, although it looked quite close due to its immense size and height.
Yesterday kept the day fairly simple and went around the nearby museums not far from the hotel. The Kyoto National Museum and the Museum of contemporary Art. Also we visited the Heian Shrine, the huge Shinto shrine. Behind it and attached to the shrine is a widespread garden with long walks and a bridge with balconies which along each of its sections is framed unique views of the gardens as if framed in a picture or painting. Another example of how Japanese use nature to create art ie using the materials of nature itself to create art.
Finding our way around the restaurants and cafes so that we can eat relatively economically.
Today we went to the the temples and shrines close to our hotel. Nanzenji Temple and the nearby Garden, Eikando Temple complex and the Silver Pavilion. Beautiful autumn colours of the trees makes the whole scene come alive with greens yellows and reds. After translating Natasha`s article which I helped her with I understand a great deal more now seeing the gardens themselves and knowing their history.  Had pork noodle soup in a Japanese  cafe. The owners were so pleased to see us they gave us a free desert. Very nice people and we will go back there. Weather is spectacular and sunny even if a bit cold. Long walks good for our health as well in the mountain air.


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