Japanese days - Nijo Castle - Early Warning Squeaky Floorboards

Yesterday was a long day. Started early in the morning at Nijo Castle. Large complex with palace inside the castle perimeter and gardens. Inside the palace is a large building which has walkways inside which squeak like birds singing or geese honking. This is apparently was a security warning. However it occured to me that it also had an artistic dimension in that it completely complimented the pictures of geese and other birds on the walls and doors which adorned the palace. Reminded me of some of the things that Eisenstein said about Japanese theatre and cinema. Also Mazurik talks about this as well, the idea that japanese art was cinematic.
Had  tea ceremony in a raised building overlooking one of the zen gardens which we looked at for about half an hour mediating on its beauty and refinement. The Russian tour group who arrived at the same time as us and even travelled on the metro with us by coincidence looked at us with envy. In the far distance a swan glided along the side of the castle wall in the moat. 
After this we walked to the centre did some shopping and called into the Ikenbono building which is on the site of the first temple which was built in Kyoto and is still standing. The Ikenobo building is even more impressive and modern than the Sogetsu building. Swans and carp swim in the ponds which border the building. More swans.
We got back to the Hiean shrine and bought tickets for a Gagaku concert with the ensemble from Tenri which we had filmed ona previous trip organised by the Conservatory in Moscow. Remarkable performance of Hiean court music and Gaguku dance set to a medieval novel called The story of Ginju - about court life  from a female point of view. Met with Mr Sati who we met when we stayed in Tenri before. Afterwards had a Japanese meal and came home.


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