Japanese days - Temple Songs

22/11/2007 Thurs
Terribly cold today but all the same we braved the weather and visited several temples.  At one temple the Abbott was on duty and he signed a copy of the guide book we bought. Lovely middle aged man with a totally unaggressive nature. He would find out what nationality you were and sing a song from that country. For me he sang its A long way to Tipperary. Even for his age he had the most youthful of hands, like a youth of 15 or 16. He couldn't` remember his Russian but as we were going out the door  he came out after us to say "spasibo". Such a gentle and genuinely kind man.  Managed to film a bit and got some quite good footage which also may prove useful. Spent a long time riding on buses to get there but we managed to figure out the system. Also we booked a visit at the Imperial villa which Natasha says is well worth a visit.
Yesterday we visited Movie World - the Japanese film studio entertainment complex. There is a complete Japanese town from the medieval period which they have built and make samurai and historical films there. I filmed some of the sets more for practice than anything else but maybe there will be some useful material at some point.


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